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About BSR

This is Bhupendra Singh Rathore. You may also address me as BSR. My mission is to help you and your team achieve preeminence – that’s where you become the benchmark by which all others are judged. It’s where you play at such a level that you set the standard for your industry or category. It is achievable. In fact, it’s necessary. If we’re not defining the standard, then someone else is and they are going to enjoy the rewards of being the best. And by the way, either we become the best, or we become irrelevant. There is no middle ground.

These are extreme times. We’re all being subjected to extraordinary stress and scrutiny by everyone around us – our colleagues, our clients, and our communities. Good isn’t good enough anymore. Even great may not be good enough. The Pursuit of Preeminence is the only path that will deliver the results that you desire and deserve.

So what are my credentials that qualify me to coach you on your path to preeminence? Since Feb 2007, I have helped over 200 MNC companies & 300 Entrepreneurs bring out the best in their people so their people could bring out their best for their customers. I would love to do the same for you and your team.

In 2002, I graduated in commerce and learnt about computers. Post that I worked with various MNCs like – Colgate Palmolive, Convergys, HCL Comnet, IBM and Symantec Software. During this time I learnt a lot from the corporates and about the corporate world. Somewhere I found that something was missing and I was not very happy working. I was trying to find that missing link and hence I attended many seminars and met many masters. Everyone said – Bhupendra Learn to Follow Your Heart. I also learnt that ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME NOW and everything is possible in this world. This gave me a new dimension of thinking. I left my well paid job and launched my own training and motivation company: BSR’s Breakthrough Learning Solutions in the year 2008.



Management Training, Marketing, sales, Leadership, Peak, Performance, Team Building, Innovation, Negotiation.

A Global Thinker, Key Note Speaker, Leadership Expert & Motivational Guru, Bhupendra Singh Rathore [BSR] helps clients create value and cultivate competitive advantage on the back of emerging markets and trends. Among today’s best-known business strategists and brand consultants, he’s a strategic advisor to Fortune 500 corporations, Entrepreneurs, Non-profits, Institutions and Startups who aids with identifying rising business, social and technology trends, and developing actionable leadership, marketing and business strategy around them. BSR has helped dozens of partners create cutting-edge products and services, and adapt businesses and brands to new spaces. .

Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because it is both personalized and sustainable. It’s personalized to the individual or organization’s specific needs. And it’s sustainable because it is not about giving advice. It is about exploring possibilities, designing action and being accountable to the results.

Coaching Specialties

Individual Coaching : Individuals hire coaches:

To support accountability in achieving desired results
Work through personal and professional transitions
To be a sounding board
To be an accountability partner
To determine next steps in professional and/or personal life
To improve a specific personal and/or professional area
To work through conflict effectively

Executive Coaching : Executives hire coaches to

Provide a sounding board
Support career acceleration
Support accountability
Increase performance
Improve leadership capabilities
Create Awareness


Human capital is the currency of today’s workforce. The level of engagement, performance, and motivation of an organization’s workforce has a direct impact on the organization’s competitive advantage. Peak Performance offers business coaching to move individuals and organizations forward by:

Improving Capabilities of Organizational Leaders
Developing High-Performing Teams
Developing Change Leadership Capabilities in Leaders
Improving Organizational Productivity
Supporting Change and Transition
Addressing Conflict Effectively
Developing Creativity
Building Bench Strength
Supporting a Coaching Culture

BSR works with individuals and organizations seeking to enhance, improve and sustain peak performance through a result-focused approach. He specialize in leadership coaching, performance improvement, development of leaders and working with organizations to employ a sustainable coaching culture. His experience spans service, non-profit and corporate organizations as well as educational institutions and faith based organizations If you are serious about elevating your potential, achieving peak performance and getting results that make a difference, contact today for a consultation. All coaching packages are customized to fit your specific needs.

One of the country’s best-known speakers, he serves as a strategic consultant to leaders in the business, spiritual and education spaces. Contact our offices today to discover how BSR & his team can partner with your organization to meet its individual goals.

Results Include

Actionable business strategy and organizational shifts
Scenario planning and development for multiple outcomes
Identification of preferred business, management and marketing solutions
Detailed look at competitive spectrum and rivals’ positioning
Forecast of future trends, shifts and growth agents
Recommended go-to-market strategy

Services Include

Discovering a Powerful and Compelling Vision
Helping to Convert Entrepreneurs Vision to the Shared Vision
Business Strategy Consulting and Business Development
Assistance with New Products, Services and Markets
Customer Experience or Engagement
Marketing, Sales Strategies & Support
Communications & Sales Strategy
Employee Engagement, Retention & Hiring Solutions

For your convenience, a variety of business and management consulting solutions are available, including:

On-Location Consulting
Remote Consulting
Telephone Calls
One-on-One Executive Coaching

BSR & team is committed to providing expert insight into the shape of emerging markets and trends, and creating strategic and profitable advantages for your organization. For more information, contact us today.


Give your business a boost by partnering with renowned Speaker & Coach. BSR’s Leadership Trainings, Sales Trainings , Executive Coaching and seminars are designed to give organizations of any size a competitive edge. From Management to Marketing, Sales, and Team Building Courses, we offer a full range of continuing education solutions, workshops and seminars.

Custom-tailored to improve results, boost productivity and make headlines, individualized corporate training programs provide advice straight from today’s top authorities, including leading business strategist and communications expert Bhupendra Singh Rathore. From helping Entrepreneurs create or reinvent products, services and brands for new audiences and markets to building inbound marketing and social media campaigns that have generated millions of impressions, discover why we’re the go-to source for dozens of today’s biggest business and brands.

Some of the areas where BSR can successfully provide solutions include:

Reducing attrition
Ensuring employee development\
Enhancing organizational effectiveness
Aligning behaviour and non technical dimensions to business results
Developing the desired organizational culture
Developing first, second and third line leadership
Succession planning
Developing team synergy
Enhancing individual effectiveness
Ensuring smooth transition into new work styles, culture, technologies and geographies
Harnessing people potential

Services Include:

Seminars & Workshops: Motivational, Key Note Speeches, Open Workshops
Leadership and Management Trainings
Sales Training Programs
Negotiations Skills Workshops
Team Building
Adventure Based Outbound Team Building Programs
Leadership Turnaround Interventions
Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Training
Innovation & Creativity
Life Skills Workshops
Personality Development Workshops
Executive Coaching
OD Consulting – Long Term Interventions
OD Interventions
Entrepreneurship Skills Development Program
Corporate Trainings on Various Topics: As per the requirements
Behavioral & Soft Skills Training Programs

For more information on corporate training services, or to inquire about availability and workshops, seminars or speaking events, please contact us today!

At BSR’s Breakthrough Learning Solutions We believe that every individual can be a success story if he continuously works on and expands his success pentagon. This pentagon comprises of knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits and strategies. We work on expanding your knowledge base, creating strong attitude, developing new skills , forming good habits and implementing result-driven strategies through our various programs.

According to a report which suggested that only 25% of four million Indian engineering graduates are directly employed by the industry each year. The rest of the students fail to meet the expectations of the companies in terms of their Soft Skills. This report was based on a survey conducted by NASSCOM and it highlighted the incredible gap between the academic curricula and the demands of the industry. Hence we work with colleges and Universities to Bridge this Industry-Academia Gap.

In order to address this gap between campus to corporate and to empower every single individual whom we come across, We offers a range of development programs that are aimed at enhancing the soft skills, life skills, employability skills of students and young graduates, thus preparing them to face the challenges and demands of the real world.

List of Some Of Our Development Programs for Individuals & Institutions:

Life Skills Development Workshops
Fear To Power
Igniting The Spark
The Power of Real You
Life Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Peak Performance Coaching
Campus to Corporate Program
Business Communication
Communication & Presentation Skills
Personality Development
Personal and Career Development
Creativity & Being Innovative
Business Etiquette & Professional Grooming
Positive Mental Attitude
NLP for Improved Communication
Speaking in Public with Confidence
Voice Effectiveness & Accent Neutralization

One of the Core Values of BSR is Continuous Upgradation. This leads to innovation and creativity. Due to this BSR and Entire team is always focused on developing some simple & innovative solutions to suit the needs of all their clients. BSR’s Signature Programs are unique & very effective and are well received by thousands of people.

Here are few of them:

Igniting The Spark
Fear to Power – Firewalk
The Power of Real You
Balancing Head & Heart
Get Ahead, Stay Ahead
Game Changer - A Leadership Workshop
People & Capability Development Workshop – For Leaders
Scientific Selling – A Workshops for Sales Professionals
Head Start
Trainers Gurukul
Business Growth Mastry Program
Creating Zero Competition Entrepreneur
Fearless Entrepreneur
NLP & Mind Power for Success

For more information on BSR’s Signature Programs or to inquire about availability and workshops, seminars or speaking events, please contact us today!


Here is the Calendar of BSR’s Upcoming Public Programs:

Events Details
Date Program name City Duration Investment
12th January TAKE CHARGE with BSR Pune 2 Days 25000/-
17th & 18th Jan NLP & Mind Power for Success Pune 2 Days 8000/-
24th & 25th Jan Public Speaking For Success
(Mastering art of Mesmerizing your Audience
Pune 2 days 12000/-
9th October Breakthrough Leadership
(Learning to lead with passion)
Pune 1 days 9000/-
14th, 15th & 16th February Balancing Head & Heart
(A Unique Stress Management & Life Empowerment Workshop)
Goa 3 days 22000/-
6th, 7th & 8th March 2015 Relationship Recharge
(Excellent workshop to develop Interpersonal skills & Team Building Skills
Mahabaleshwar 3 days 17500/-
April 29th & 30th 2015 Public Speaking For Success
(Mastering art of Mesmerizing your Audience)
Pune 2 days 12000/-
Click Here for Online Registration
Group Discount

Register 3 seats +  get 1 seats free
Register 5 seats + get 2 seats free
Register 10 seats + get 5 seats free

Early Bird Discount

10% if enrolled 1 week before
the program
20% if enrolled 2 weeks prior to
the program

Bhupendra's Purpose
To create and deliver result oriented workshops in the area of Leadership & Behavioral Skills
for Entrepreneurs, Multi National Organizations & Individuals.


What do they say about BSR?

Only a 'select' few actually make it as a “high growth” company. Truly Disturbing …


Dive Within

People today are more stressed due to rapid change and a dynamic environment. People are desperate to achieve big things and have no patience at all. These make them angry, upset, frustrated and anxious. They fall into the trap of comparison and due to that they blindly start either working very hard which takes away their happiness and peace or they start pulling others down to climb up. To get the results in the future they end up sacrificing their present.

Dive Within will work like a guide to people who strive for excellence and want to achieve something big in life. It will help them getting out of negativity and move towards happiness, success and celebration. This will help them Live Life King Size and bring the best out of themselves. It contains the information which is most sought after and believed in. If a person understands the powers of his intention, mind and words then he can literally change every possible aspect of his life.

If someone masters the techniques shared in this book then his chances of getting the success will maximize. When people read the book and implement the techniques they will experience real change in the way they live and the way life happens to them. It has got the power to transform their entire life miraculously.

Order a Copy Now...!

“Fast Tracking” your growth is as easy as making a “conscious choice”…. Make yours Now!


BSR’s Feel & Heal Organization

A Venture to help the needy and spread happiness [Website Coming Soon]

BSR’s Adventurers Club.

A venture to inspire entrepreneurs and youth to live their life king size[Website Coming Soon]

BSR’s Entrepreneurs Club

A forum for entrepreneurs development[Website Coming Soon]

The Healing Sparssh.

A Foundation to spread positive energy through pranic healing, meditation, pranayam & by sharing conscious living practices.

BSR’s Motivational Talks, Training & Coaching sessions are there to give that Power Punch which is needed for many to get out of their deep sleep. BSR believes that Change Happens in a moment & that’s what he is demonstrating through all his seminars, workshops and pep talks.


BSR and his entire team are dedicated to helping you Excel in life and reach where you want to reach. To do your best work and become a spectacular performer here are some free resources and tools to help you take your life and organization to the next level:

One of the unique elements of BSR's training interventions being that participants don't just gain knowledge but develop the right competence and ability in terms of what exactly to do to achieve desired results.